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Welcome to the Education Navigation Mentorship Application! If you have any questions or issues while completing the application, please contact us at:

At the end of the application will be asked to upload PDF's of the following:
1. your Student ID, Driver’s License, or other proof of identification with a photograph
2. your most recent Transcript (College or High School)
3. your FAFSA Student Aid Report/SAR (available online; please upload the entire report) or TASFA if you are not eligible for FASFA. *UNT/TWU Students are not required to upload a TASFA/FASFA.

If you do not have these documents, the system will allow you to submit the application, but your application will not be complete until you send in the required documents. You will receive an email requesting the missing documents with additional information once you complete the application.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

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How many people live in your household? 

A dependent would be a member of a household that is not an independent earner and would be filed as a dependent under someone else's taxes (typically by a parent or guardian).

Required Documents

Please upload all required documents. If you do not choose an additional file, please click on the link that reads "Remove".

To upload additional transcripts, click "Add another response"

To upload additional financial aid documents, click "Add another response"

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